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Hello and welcome!

We're Sumu &Anu.

We've known each other pretty much forever, and this blog is our way of documenting our culinary exploits, and some non-culinary exploits as well. We're not always on the same page, or in the same state, or even on the same continent, but two things are generally true:

At least one of us is not paying attention

At least one of us is wearing her pajamas


So I was terribly sick last week whilst recovering from Coachella so I've decided to treat you guys with not one but TWO whole posts! I know right?! So awesome. You can thank me later. AND to make things better... instead of sharing just a single song... I'm going to gift you with a whole playlist of my favorite songs from Coachella!

So very typical of me, I didn't double check my flight timings when booking so I ended up flying out to LAX a whole 10 hours before the rest of my group. I decided to start the trip out right, eggs Benedict and a mimosa at the airport with a side of Gilmore Girls.

Usually 10 hours stranded at an airport is a bummer, but there are worse places to get stranded than LAX. It kind of ended up working out for me because I took my camera and explored! I walked from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach and soaked in the gorgeous SoCal sun.

In Santa Monica, I stopped at the Lobster for some AMAZING crab cake. Seriously, probably the best I've ever had in my life.

In Venice Beach, I decided to have a lighter option and enjoyed some Burrata and Beets at Larry's Bar & Grill.

The most adventurous meal was at dinner with a friend at Wurstküche. We enjoyed some cold beers and Rattlesnake Sausages. It honestly didn't taste much different from other sausages and was actually pretty good but I can't say I'd comfortably eat that again.

The weekend was filled with new musical obsessions, including Zhu & Flume (seriously check out that playlist ^), new friends, delicious eats, and lots and lots of dust. We danced our asses off to Zedd and Calvin Harris, reveled in the unfair flawlessness that is Ellie Goulding, and sang our hearts out with Akon, Sean Paul, and Nico&Vinz during Matoma's set.

I came back home the following Monday sunburned (what happens when you wander around LA without sunscreen) and exhausted out of my mind; Cue sickness.

This was my first year attending Coachella, every instagrammer's and basic bitch's haven. Of course I had to have ONE basic picture myself to commemorate the experience.

insert basic watermelon picture here

Coachella is also a GREAT place for foodies. While you needed to be a VIP to get access to some of the tastiest and more exclusive food, there was plenty of delicious options to spare. Looking back at my food photos, I realize that I basically survived off fries. Just fries. And obviously watermelon, because it IS Coachella. But these fries were no ordinary fries my friends. They were all loaded with various toppings and delicious goodness.

Veggie Monster Fries with lots of types of slaw and jalapeños!

Vegetarian Poutin Fries with cheese curds!

Crab Fries! This meant crab aioli AND crab topping! Double yum!

Chicharones Fries with Sriracha and curry aioli!

I honestly have no idea how most of these things were made but my stomach was hella happy. :)