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12 February, 2019
Creamy Boozy Pasta Yumminess
2 min read

Press play! So recently I've been obsessing over making mushroom white wine sauces. I've made it multiple times and it's never come out the same... this might be because I am notoriously bad at remembering the exact recipe I used to make a dish and I tend to improvise A LOT. I may be bad at following instructions, but hey... Sometimes the best ...
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23 January, 2019
Whoops... We did it again
2 min read

So... this is awkward. It's been a LONG time since we've posted anything here. We've been pretty good at updating our Instagram but let's be honest here. That's just being straight up lazy. A lot has happened since we last posted... which by the way was AUGUST OF 2016. For one, we have a new President. But let's not dwell on that part. Here's som...
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11 August, 2016
Jalapeño business
2 min read

Here's a kinda funky song that I've been super into recently. Listen while you read! :) And yes I know I know my title font doesn't handle tilde's very well... I'll fix that soon. So at my office we have this concept of GSD; Get Shit Done. Every Tuesday, all engineers have an event on their calendar that'll allow them to hopefully work quietly wit...
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10 August, 2016
Making Anerica Great Again
3 min read

I can take 0 credit for this post title because my friend Aneri themes her birthday based off of all the puns she can make with her own name. This year with all the ruckus that ever entertaining Donald Trump has caused, it only felt right to have her birthday be "Make Anerica Great Again." PSA: Please do your research before this election season :)...
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19 July, 2016
Everyone needs a 'Lil Dicky' in their life
2 min read

So recently it was one of my closest friend's, whom we lovingly call Lil Dicky, birthdays. Can't say she's entirely fond of that nickname, but that's 1/2 the point of nicknames anyways. In that spirit, here's some Lil' Dicky for you to listen to while reading this post. This may be one of my favorite cakes I've made so far. I've realized that I am...
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09 May, 2016

Use microwaves, not microaggressions!
2 min read

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